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Home Security System

Possible Intruders At Your Home

The vast majority of people likely to visit you at home are law-abiding citizens. However, you should always be cautious in case the visitor is a thief or confidence trickster.

If a stranger calls at your door
Use a peephole at your door, or better still, a video peephole doorbell camera with chime, and keep the chain on the door if it's someone you don't know.
Never let in strangers who call unexpectedly until you have checked their credentials.
If the caller gives you a telephone number to ring, check it in the directory yourself. It may be that of an accomplice. Ask the caller to stay outside, and ensure the door is closed with the safety chain attached while you call the number.
If still in doubt about the caller's identity, ring the local police and explain your suspicions. Suspect anybody who protests at your caution.
Remember, the longer you prolong the identification process, the better your chances of scaring off a potential criminal.
If in doubt, politely and firmly refuse access to the premises.
Always be fully dressed before opening your door, and ensure the door is closed before reaching for your purse or making a phone call. Be aware, and fast enough to prevent the person putting a foot into the house or flat.
If you live in a block of flats, do not automatically 'buzz open' the street door if a stranger calls your flat on the intercom with a trumped-up excuse.
Do not hold the door open for a stranger whose arrival appears to coincide with your departure.

If you return home only to see signs of a break in
You may notice or suspect somebody is inside your home. Should you arrive at the gate only to see a movement, or you notice an open door, do not enter the house!
If you have come home by car, back out again and drive off. The intruder may think you were merely turning round.
If you are on foot, continue walking along the pavement.
Go to a neighbour's house at once and call the police. Follow the same drill if you find strangers outside your house.

You enter your house only to find an intruder inside
Ask him or her what they want
The police advise you don't give any impression you intend to fight over money or possessions. You may get injured. Try not to anger the intruder.
Put the intruder's appearance to memory and call the police as soon as he leaves.

If you wake up to hear a burglar in the house 
Or if you hear someone attempting to break in, put all the lights on and make a lot of noise by moving about. Most burglars will elect to run off empty-handed rather than risk a confrontation. Do not go downstairs. Dial the police from your bedroom. Find something you can use as a weapon, such as a Criminal Identifier Self Defence Multi Function Spray, hair spray, a perfume bottle, trinket box, comb, a bunch of keys, knife. Only use the 'weapon' if a fight becomes absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, use my maxim of 'strike first', at the same time calling out for an imaginary companion, screaming and shouting as loud as you can.
As soon as you hear  the intruder leave, open your window, memorize a description, what vehicle is being driven, the number plate if possible, and the direction he takes. Then call the police.


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