Woman using a Criminal Identifier" Self Defence Multi Function Spray against attacker
Self Defense - Man Covering Face Of Helpless Woman

The Simple Self-Defense Knowledge & Moves You Must Know


When it comes to self-defense, you should focus on Awareness, Avoidance, Escape, and Evasion, using techniques and tactics that limit the amount of body weight you put into your attack, thus maximizing your chance of escape. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself or your loved ones. 


If the use of force cannot be avoided, this is your next line of defense, using techniques that limit your contact with your attacker to maximize your chance of escape. Self-defense equals self-preservation: all you need to do is use sufficient force to enable you to escape the danger. The goal is not to win, but it's not to lose!


It isn't a very easy issue, because of the laws that protect people. You are not allowed to use excessive force to hurt someone too much, neither are you allowed to use a weapon, even pepper spray is not permissible in the UK. You really need to do it in a way to ensure you won't end up in trouble with the law.


The last thing you want to do is to hurt someone and destroy their lives. That is not what you should do.


So when it comes to self-defense, use it in a way where you protect yourself without inflicting too much injury to the person attacking you.


Your priorities should be:


  • Keep your distance, endeavor to escape by running away, shout for help by screaming or shouting 'FIRE' not 'HELP' (people are more likely to take notice), if you can, use your mobile phone, which may be difficult or even impossible. An SOS Personal Alarm Watch with Fall Alert Detection and GPS Location Tracking) is incredibly effective.

  • Use any implement to hand such as a personal alarm, self-defense spray (legal criminal identifier), powerful torch, referee whistle, medical spray, hair spray, perfume, keys, sand, spit, spare change, a cup of coffee – the main purpose is to distract your attacker and STOP his momentum without physical violence from the farthest distance as possible.


If the foregoing fails to stop any attack, you will be obliged to resort to empty hand striking, biting, gouging, and lastly, empty hand grappling.


You must understand your assailant. He is determined, capable, cunning, and dangerous. Rest assured, you have something he wants, and he will take it. Like any predator, he will pick you because he feels he can get what he wants. Remember, never listen to your assailant, whatever he says will always be a lie. He will sound convincing, but your personal space is valuable. Don't ever give it up.


He will think of ways to get close to you, and there are only three ways he can get close to you:


  • Approach you.

  • Trick you into approaching him.

  • Or by hiding between parked cars, in a doorway, at a street corner.


In an attempt to get close to you, he may ask for directions, want change, a cigarette, a light, wants to stroke your dog, and so on. That is to say, anything which attracts your attention and occupies both your hands and your eyes. He may pose as someone in authority, such as a police officer, or an official from the town hall. Use your instincts and don't be fooled by anybody!


Never ever allow any stranger to gain access to your house or flat under any circumstances. Attackers and thieves need to isolate you. Do not let them. Be instinctive, be aware, be smart, and be a tough target.


Now for the good news. The three things all criminals fear, no matter who they are:


  • They don't want to be identified.

  • They don't want to get arrested.

  • They don't want to be injured.


The closer they get to you, the less your chance of survival!


The longer you can prolong their exposure, the greater your chances of survival!


You need to create space and avenues of escape, and everything you do from this point forward should take those things into consideration.