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Check Your Home Security Today
Different Ways To Protect Your Family And Your Home From Intruders


The following are 7 tried and tested home security measures that can help keep your home, your belongings, and most importantly your family, safe, and avoid having your property burgled.

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Information About Home Security

No matter how unrealistic our fears may be, they are based on real events. The daily news is evidence of the danger of becoming a victim of crime, and the proliferation of crime-oriented television shows creates even more concern. Let's face it. People are becoming more cautious these days, and well they should.

Even in sparsely-populated rural areas, people are locking their doors and windows. Children are taught not to open the door to strangers. deadbolts and chain locks are top sellers ...

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Make your home look occupied with adequate exterior lighting and motion sensor security lights,  particularly at the rear of the property. This is a safety device for you and a deterrent for any would-be intruders. To update your home security, use automatic timer switches when it gets dark.


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Keep Doors & Windows Locked

Burglars always look for easy pickings! Lock all exterior doors and windows before you leave the property or go to bed for the night. Even when you are at home, you should also keep them locked when not being used. Keep your garage door closed and locked too! These are just essential items you should evaluate when checking your home security.

Why change or replace your locks?


You lost your keys.
You've purchased a new home.
A burglar broke in or attempted a break in.
The babysitter moved away and has a key,
Or if for any reason someone has your key.
You are newly divorced, or have separated from

your husband or partner.
You or anyone in the family has lost a key.

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In any case, verify all your locks are secure - Replace exterior doors with thief resistant five-cylinder Mortice deadlocks - Sliding patio doors are vulnerable, and sometimes standard mortice locks prove ineffective - Fit patio door security locks - Other windows may require more efficient locks

Alarm vs Security System?
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A burglar alarm can effectively alert you or your neighbours when intruders attempt to break in to your home, but it does not offer complete protection. With a smart home security system you can survey your home remotely, lock doors, trigger alarms, signal the police of an attempted break-in. The system will also function superbly automatically. Despite any difference in cost, you really should invest in a comprehensive security system. It will provide you with peace of mind, especially when away from home or on holiday.

If you have a burglar alarm or full-blown security system, USE IT! Remember, it will only be effective when you remember to switch it on!

Don't publicize your holiday plans on social media!
Don't post your holiday photos while on holiday!
Don't presume only your friends will be looking at your social media pages!

Posting your travel photos on social media while you’re still on holiday is an invitation to a would-be burglar. In the event of a burglary, your insurer may reject your claim.
Burglars browse social media all the time to find out where you live. Even someone you know, with evil intent, might check your posts and come and help himself. So keep when you are absent to yourself. Keep your property safe! Think Home Security!

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Exterior motion detector lights represent an essential element of home security
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Exterior motion detector lights serve as a warning to anyone who comes within a certain distance of your property. Located at the principal front and rear doors, and possibly other strategic points, motion detector lighting will enhance your security and frighten away any uninvited intruders and potential burglars. 

They add an extra layer of protection, are very affordable, but provide a wide range of benefits such ensuring your own safety when arriving home after dark, plus not having to fumble for your keys and finding the keyhole! A practical and safe solution when you arrive home in the dark.

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A Simple Timer Can Protect You Against Being Burgled!
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24 Hour Digital Electric Timer Plug Socket with Countdown and On-Off Repeat Cycle Timer for Lights and Home Appliances,

TV Simulator - Home Security - Anti-Burglar and Theft Deterrent with LED Light Timer & Sensor

Thieves, like those who seek to intimidate those they perceive as vulnerable, are always looking for an easier target, but once their targets look like any kind of challenge, they are easily discouraged. 
A simple and effective home protection method is to make it appear that someone is home. You can achieve this by turning on dummy lights and the TV when you are absent, but buying a timer or fake television will do much better.