22 Techniques For Avoiding Aggression While Walking Or Jogging Alone

Self-defense basics start here. You can't defend yourself effectively without these basic cognitive skills and some preparation. Following these simple rules will reduce your risk of being assaulted in public.

Now I'll show you some of the many strategies to avoid becoming assaulted when out alone. Study these safety recommendations to keep yourself safe.


The first line of protection is awareness. You must not allow others into your immediate physical space. You must be your own police officer, always on guard, monitoring and checking your surroundings.

Be your own bodyguard. That is, you must protect yourself, aid others, and defend yourself.

If someone wants to attack you, they must get close to you. So either they approach you or you approach them. If someone seems suspect, or even if they don't, keep your distance so you can't be touched or grabbed.

Criminals' golden rule

Be conscious of the golden rule all criminals fear. They fear being caught. They do not wish to be named. They're afraid of getting hurt. "Is this person likely to have anything I'm wanting, or does it appear too hazardous to attack"?

So don't seem frail. Predator or prey? How are you behaving?

Take the initiative

Unlike martial arts, self-defense requires no sophisticated movements or holds that must be repeated for weeks or months to learn. It's simple. Regardless, I'll reiterate the core concept. To win and survive, you must make the first move. You'll always lose if you don't!

Walking alone at night increases the danger of robbery, violence, rape, theft, and injury. A couple of examples: leaving a dinner and having to find your car on a quiet street, or even walking from the car to your own front door. Consider!

Be a predator

When alone, walk with purpose and steadiness. Keep your head up and make eye contact with everyone you meet. Face approaching traffic to be seen. If you're walking on the street at night, keep to the curb. Criminals lurk in dark alleys and doorways, waiting to strike. If you get lost, head for a populated street, tavern, cafe, restaurant, or police station and ask for directions.

Keep your keys/key fob to hand

They can be employed as a self-defense weapon, as well as a way to avoid groping in your pockets, purse, or handbag.


Trust your instincts to determine your degree of safety. Is anybody making you feel uneasy? If yes, immediately change route or flee, distancing yourself from the person. Only go to your car or home if they are nearby and safe. Head for crowds, lights, a restaurant or pub. In case of crisis, gaze behind you with a determined look and try to glimpse his face. If you walk or jog regularly, change your route and times as often as you can to avoid illegal detection.

Prepare a weapon and a personal alarm

Any hair spray will do, pepper sprays are forbidden in the UK. No, you won't be searched if you have pepper spray, but be aware that it may be used against you. Women have been murdered by being sprayed! Hold it in your hand. If you must use it, wave it in a figure eight motion to generate a fog and distract any potential assailant. This will divert. Don't shout 'HELP', but 'FIRE'. People may not want to 'HELP', and are more prone to act to the word 'FIRE'! There are many cowards!

Pull the alarm pin and THROW IT AWAY! Your assailant will then have to deal with either the alarm or you. Not throwing it away puts you and the alarm in the same place.

Usually, you won't have the time or opportunity to use your phone.

Draw attention to yourself

Fear of being recognized, arrested, or harmed will make any criminal nervous. BEFORE being beaten, attacked, gagged, or threatened with violence, scream loudly, swing your arms around, blow a whistle if you have one, or do whatever else to draw attention to yourself.

Shout "Dad" or a man's name to fool a possible attacker.

Ensure he knows you have a weapon and maintain it in your hand while fleeing. The mere mention of a firearm can discourage an assailant.

Always make the first move

If the individual trying to enter 'your space' has a criminal purpose, act first! Even in the UK, striking first is legal in self-defense situations. Fists are easily damaged, which is why boxers tape them before putting on gloves. Use the base of your hand, one of the body's strongest bones. Go for the philtrum or chin. Your fingers can now poke the attacker's eyes.

Hit his neck with the fleshy side of your palm. It's lethal!

And yell!

Elbows, knees, and feet are other weapons. Don't try a headbutt, you can get hurt.

Eyes, philtrum, carotid artery in neck, back of neck, genitals, inside of knee, base of calf muscles. Attack the genitals by kicking vertically and gripping viciously.

And don't forget to heel stamp on his shin and feet!

Try walking or jogging in well-lit areas

Avoid taking shortcuts through darkened streets or walkways, and stay visible in well-lit areas. It's not worth endangering your life for dark and quiet shortcuts. Avoid parking lots, dark alleys, and parked cars when alone. As always, walk confidently, stand tall, and act like a predator.

Traveling with friends is safer and reduces the risk of being attacked.

Walking alone at night exposes you to attack and makes you easy prey for crooks. Take a taxi or ride a bike if you can.

Change routines

Solo running is not the time to try out a new route. Keep to your normal running routes to avoid getting lost or running into dangerous situations. Pick a few well-lit routes and stick to them when you need to run alone.

Nonetheless, change your run time and/or route as much as you can. The same daily routine can make you a target.

Safety measures

Running alone is generally safe, but not risk-free. Women and people of color may face greater dangers. These runners may face special hurdles and must follow different guidelines to ensure their safety.

Women are also concerned about running alone. In reality, a poll found that 43% of women have been harassed, 30% followed, 18% sexually propositioned, and 3% physically assaulted when running alone.

Be seen and heard

Dress in light, bright, or reflective clothing if you're running early, late, or at night. Go for bright hues like neon green or light blue.

Shoes and jackets already contain reflective components, but it's never a bad idea to add more. Reflective bands, harnesses, and shoe attachments can help you be seen. Some runners run with a flashlight to be spotted by approaching cars.

Run against traffic for extra visibility. Finally, bring a whistle or other noisemaker. In an attack, a loud noise may save lives.


Along with maintaining your eyes on the road (and alert for danger), be sure you can hear what's going on around you. You'll need to keep an eye out for cars, pedestrians, and animals.

Avoid running alone with headphones. If you want to listen to music on a safe journey, turn down the level or only use one ear.

A tip

A thief wants your wallet or purse. Don't fight, just have a few coins in your pocket. Throw your cash behind the thief, and just say, "That's all I've got," and flee. If he wants your money, he'll likely stop to collect it, allowing you to flee, keeping your purse, handbag, or wallet at the same time.

No valuables should be carried or displayed while walking - no phone, camera, wallet, pocketbook, etc. Keep it hidden. You're probably aware that smartphones are a thief's dream.

DO NOT talk, text, play games, surf the internet, or watch movies on your phone in public, including on trains and buses, or you may well lose your life partner! If you must use your phone, go somewhere safe first.

Drink alcohol only in moderation

Excessive drinking or the use of even mild drugs impairs judgement and reduces capacity to defend oneself. If you're drinking a drink, don't leave it on the table. If you left your drink on the table while you were gone, request a new one when you return. Men you don't know may be rapists who have drugged your drink. The medication may have been prepared prior to a sexual assault. Don't accept a drink from a shared punch bowl.

If you accept a drink drink from a stranger, make sure you can watch the bartender prepare it.

Prioritize your own comfort and safety

If someone is pressing you into doing something risky or harmful, prepare a quick excuse to refuse. You will not offend the person if their motives are the up and up. Prioritize your own safety.

If someone you just met at a party offers to take you home or spend time with you, you should say no.

This isn't a Hollywood movie

In the movies, there's always a parking spot, the house front door is always unlocked, the windows are unlocked, so anyone can enter your home in peace!

Lock your car when you get in and out. When approaching it, have your keys or key fob ready so you don't get taken off guard and have to search for them. "Like in the movies!"

Also, plan your route when visiting a shopping mall. Try to park near a hospital or police station. This will reassure you on your return journey, especially if you suspect you are being followed.

What to do if assaulted

  • Always call the cops! Why? Reporting an attack to the authorities could save someone else's life or prevent another from being harmed.

  • Try to recall your attacker's face.

  • How did he dress?

  • What color was he?

  • What was his physique? Endomorphs have rounded, soft bodies, while mesomorphs are square and muscular, and ectomorphs are thin and fine-boned.

  • Was he a big guy?

  • How did he look?

  • Did he have a particular smell?

  • Was he using perfume?

  • What colour was his hair or eyes?

Your comments should allow the cops to compare your complaint to others in the same area. Police may know the person via DNA samples. He may be a known felon. The police now have great resources, so please report any offense.

Walk with your dog

You may enjoy the convenience and serenity of running alone, but don't let that stop you from enlisting a furry buddy to go along. Running with your dog gives you security, company, and a deterrent to potential threats. If you don't have a pooch, or only a Chihuahua, you may be able borrow a friend or neighbor's.

Tell Others

Before setting out, inform someone of your desired route and expected return time. Inform them when you return home safely.

Bring your phone or similar trackable gadget and let your loved ones follow you on your run. There are even apps that can assist your loved ones track your location.

Self-defense is simple and quick!

Before leaving the comfort of your own home, prepare yourself mentally. How will you blend in? Are you a hard target? Your attitude should be one of a hunter.



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