Common Mistakes in a Street Fight

Yes, I'll tell you about some of the most common mistakes in a street fight, and you will learn how to end a fight in seconds, even when faced with a larger, much heavier, more experienced, fitter attacker. You will learn tactics that have been developed to shock the central nervous system of your attacker, regardless of his size. Nevertheless, always bear in mind that any move must be practiced many times before you can become proficient in their use and develop the necessary speed, instinct, and muscle memory.

Don't ever think a street fight will be a fair fight, and I'm not just talking about drunken brawls or confrontations in a bar! Sometimes, these guys, with the intent to rob you, or cause physical injury, approach you very casually. Remember, they are professionals. They may ask for a light, a cigarette, the time, or change for parking.

Don't let anyone get close to you, or more correctly, enter your personal space. They may be carrying a knife with the intent to cause bodily harm, or even kill you. If someone tries to move in close, you must move away. Tell him to keep away in no uncertain terms, and if the person persists on advancing towards you, you must take action. Your best move, if you can, is to run away!

Street fights are not like boxing matches with Queensbury Rules and a referee, so don't think it's going to be a fair fight. You're walking out somewhere, maybe going shopping, and someone attacks and tries to rob you. Professionals may approach you and just very quietly, or apologetically, ask for some change, directions, the time, a cigarette, a light. You are distracted, or rather verbally disarmed, and suddenly you are attacked! This happens especially to women.

Remember, if someone's trying to hurt you, you must hurt them first. I've said so many times in the past, and say again, if you are threatened, you must make a preemptive strike.

The most common mistake is turning away with your back to the attacker and starting to walk away. This is perhaps the worst reaction you can have. You will be hit from the rear, probably from a swinging punch to the side of the head, or a chop to the back of the neck. Either way, you have gone bye-byes, you've been put to sleep, you're knocked out, you're unconscious. And it doesn't have to be that hard a blow!

Don't be distracted. There may be a lot of noise, people talking, shouting, or egging you or him on. Keep looking at what's in front of you - the attacker. If you don't, he'll hit you, and it might be 'game over'!

Don't signal to the other guy that you want to fight. If you raise your arms, you are telling him that you want to fight. Why would you want to tell your attacker that you want to fight? If you do, you are giving him an advantage.

The scenario should be as follows. You are facing the attacker, just step back (one, two, arms down at your side). You are still facing him. Now take one foot back and turn side-on. You are now at right angles to him with your arms still down. You are ready to go, to explode from nothing to being a lethal weapon!

Don't give any signal that you will attack, and don't show aggression or even fear in the way you look. Show no aggression, and he thinks he'll win! Show fear, and his confidence goes through the roof! Be composed, yes, but don't show any fear or aggression. He'll find out what will happen to him soon enough.

I know, I know, street fights are ill-advised, stupid, dumb, ludicrous, ridiculous, and should never happen. Sometimes, and usually unexpectedly, they do occur. To learn how to win a street fight with one shot fight finishers; explosive techniques that give you maximum stopping power; start learning today. Go to my website, click on any link, and you can join in to start training from the comfort of your own home. Any of these self-defense methods could well save your life!!!

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