Does being really angry help to win a fist fight?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

It all depends on what you mean by ‘angry’. Anger is an emotional response to a situation or even what someone has said. On the other hand, if you mean losing your temper, which is an expression of that anger, leading to rage, that is another ball game entirely. Rage is extreme vehement anger of furious intensity towards someone or something, that is often more than physically violent. Being angry will get you nowhere. Your senses reduce; your shoulder muscles become tense, your body goes into overdrive; you will tire rapidly; you will unquestionably lack concentration. Not only that, if you can’t control your anger, you’re a nincompoop.

Any professional will tell you, if you become angry during a fight, you will lose! Your possibility of winning has just as much to do with your ability to control yourself as it does with dominating your opponent.

As you can see, I'm not only answering your question, but also endeavouring to give some intelligent advice. Any self-defence or martial arts instructor will tell you, you should not allow your anger to develop into a fight. Anger is normal, but controllable, and fighting is not the way to deal with it. Keep in your own 'space' — don't step into anybody else's 'space'. Stay away from the other person.

Find the courage to walk away! Not fighting is a sign of self-respect and maturity! Walking away does not mean you are weak!

Even though you may be angry, treat people with respect. Remember that everyone has a decent side to their character. This alone will obviate your intention to become involved in a fight. Being angry is normal, but learn ways to control it. So be angry if you must, but think clearly, and, above all, don't allow it to develop into losing your temper, or flying into a rage.

If you do lose your temper, it will take at least 30 minutes before you calm down and start to think positively, and without 'tunnel vision'. Give yourself a kick, and think of something that will relax your mind. You are in fight or flight mode. You feel frustrated, stressed, irritated, and furious. Your heart rate has increased and your rate of breathing has increased noticeably.

Take some deep, controlled breaths, and, just like an opera singer, really focus on your breathing right from the diaphragm. That is to say, not shallow breathing that only fills your chest. This should calm you down, help give you time to think, and allow you to start trying to calm the situation down.

If you're unable to control your temper, you will be controlled by your temper.

In answer to the question, “Does being really angry help to win a fist fight?” - MY REPLY IS A BIG NO - IT WILL HELP YOU TO LOSE!!

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