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Great News And Health Relief For All Back Pain Sufferers!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

How Can I Relieve My Lower Back Pain?

What is the Back Pain Breakthrough?

The majority of doctors, unlike some years ago, when they told you to lay down immobile on a board, recommend exercise and physical activity in order to overcome lower back pain. Having said that, this new ‘Back Pain Breakthrough’, will get down to the root cause of your pain to eliminate it for good, so long as you follow the three step guide that will give you immediate relief from suffering lower back pain.

Most people take pain relief medication. I’m afraid it doesn’t work. It might alleviate the problem from a few minutes to an hour or two; but the pain will not go away permanently unless it is treated correctly, which is where the Back Pain Breakthrough comes in.

The Back Pain Breakthrough is available to every sufferer of lower back pain. If lower back pain is your problem, you should consider obtaining this product.

And why should you want the Back Pain Breakthrough?

Well, I’ll tell you. It works! That’s why you should want it!

Doctors may recommend surgery, but whatever you do, in the first instance, say no, and try this Back Pain Breakthrough.

The particular lady who recommends this, discovered what is called ‘Targeted Spinal Relief’, and overcame 25 years of excruciating back pain. As she says, she felt she was being stabbed with a rusty knife, and the pain lasted all day and every day, making her life an absolute nightmare.

She put on weight because she was unable to exercise, and her relationship with her husband deteriorated, nearly reaching the point where her husband was seriously thinking of divorcing her.

She tried absolutely everything, chiropractors, physical therapists, medical procedures, massage therapy, stretching, yoga, acupuncture, cortisone injections, and pain killers. Nevertheless, the pain became worse and worse.

When she was informed that emergency surgery on her spine was necessary, she rebelled at the thought, and screamed at her doctor in annoyance. There is always a risk of damaging the spine or nerves. All surgery has some risks, including bleeding, infection, risks from anesthesia, and death. There is a chance that the surgery won’t relieve your symptoms. And even if you get better with surgery, there is a chance you may get new symptoms in the future.

You will read further on she discovered a simple movement which gave her instant relief and completely eliminated the lower back pain, spondylosis, sciatica, you name it. The pain had gone within three weeks, and her life was transformed.

  • She can exercise again.

  • She’s doing well at work.

  • Her and her husband are more intimate than they ever were before.

  • She no longer has insomnia caused by the constant pain.

  • She now has the energy of someone thirty years younger.

  • All this without any surgery at all.

You can do the same. The Back Pain Breakthrough eliminates your back pain quite naturally; and as I’ve said, in less than three weeks, without any medical professionals interfering.

You will learn a simple movement that will align your spine perfectly and provide you with instant relief from the pain you are suffering.

Approved by the medical profession

The particular movement has been verified by the universities of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and is employed by some of the world’s top athletes. Would you believe it only takes 30 seconds to perform? It works from the very first time you utilize it and helps to treat any hernias or slipped disks, or any bulging, as well as, of course, sciatic pain; this in 30 days or less, and requires no equipment whatsoever. You do it in the comfort of your own home. It’s a gentle and easy movement that will never make you sweat.

The pain of spine strain when sitting
She felt she was being stabbed with a rusty knife

On top of this, it’s approved by the medical profession, so you can be absolutely sure it is safe. The lady in question, Amy Palmer, wants to share the secret of this with you, and will give you simple instructions to follow which you can use straight away and obtain instant relief from your suffering.

When the pain was so bad, Amy went to the doctor, who prescribed an emergency operation that would take from two to ten hours to perform, and there was the possibility she would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life following the surgery.

Amy’s husband didn’t accept, and decided a second opinion was called for. He spent many hours, eventually tracing a doctor he though could help his wife.

Who discovered the Back Pain Breakthrough?

The doctor’s name is Steve Young, who after more than twenty years, has developed a fine reputation when dealing with the most problematic of back pain cases. He provides his patients with instant relief without the use of injections, needles, pills, or surgery. His patients visit him from all over the country to enjoy his treatment. He’s someone who has studied with the world’s top bio-mechanics specialists, worked with top professional athletes, as well as certain Hollywood actors when the’re required to undertake difficult stunts while filming. His work has been published in over fifty medical journals,

Having explained the situation, Dr. Young made it clear to Amy that, in his opinion, she could avoid surgery, and would be without any pain in as short a time as within two to three weeks. He also promised that when she walked out of his surgery that day, she would be feeling better than she had for many years.

Dr. Young explained ‘nerve impingement’, which is the most common cause of back pain, because when the vertebrae put pressure on the spinal nerve, the worse the pain becomes, which is why pain levels change throughout the day. Sometimes the pain will be excruciating because the spinal nerve becomes pinched causing pain from the sciatic nerve to run down your leg.

Dr. Young explained that in order to eliminate that back pain, he would provide her with the right treatment to stop the pressure of the vertebrae on the spinal nerve. In addition, without releasing the taught muscles which pull your spine out of alignment, the treating of back pain is virtually impossible.

Dr. Young has spent much of his career in study of the illacus muscles, and has undertaken more research on the subject on perhaps anyone else in the world. He has developed an extremely effective and unique way to release the tight iliacus muscles, and which provides his patients with immediate relief from lower back pain.

You undertake this ten minute movement daily before 10 in the morning, and you will be pain free – without any pain at all – in 30 days, or even less. Dr. Young calls this ‘targeted spinal release’, and it’s the quickest and most effective way which will instantly eliminate lower back pain. It’s a simple five to ten minute process which is scientifically approved that moves the vertebrae away from your spinal nerve, thus providing you with the instant relief from pain for which you have been searching for so long.

No injections, needles, surgery, chiropractors, or physical therapists. No equipment is required and can be undertaken at home. It’s gentle and effortless that can be undertaken at any age to successfully treat your lower back pain.

Dr. Young showed Amy precisely what to do, and she felt the pressure on her spine fade away, begin to subside, and within a minute her lower back pain started to diminish. By the end of the five minute process, she felt she’d had the best massage of her life. There was no pain in her back whatsoever.

Before leaving his surgery, Dr. Young said to Amy, “Don’t forget, you’ve spent the past twenty-five years damaging your back, so give the treatment a little time to heal. But don’t worry, you will make a full recovery, and you will certainly not require surgery.”

Every day, her back and core felt positively stronger, and her posture improved from doing the particular Dr. Young movements. After six months, I can assure you, and am delighted to be able to tell you Amy is free from any pain. There are times when her back is a little stiff, but after five minutes using the targeted spinal release method, the problem goes.

It has given Amy a new lease of life. She’s full of energy, and the relationship with her husband is now stronger than it ever was. Apart from losing 22 pounds in weight, she’s back running every morning. So you can do this too!

Amy thought this method must be taught to the world. She sent an email to Dr. Young asking his permission asking if she could share that knowledge with everybody. Dr. Young was delighted with her suggestion and acquiesced without hesitation. Not only that, he hired a film crew to record himself while teaching the spinal relief technique in a 60 minute masterclass.

This video is now readily available to you. The title is ‘Back Pain Breakthrough’, and this six part video masterclass gives step-by-step instructions that will give you the desperately needed relief from your back pain. Within 30 days you will not have any pain at all.

This really is the number one solution for anyone who is currently suffering from lower back pain!

What treatment and information do you receive?

You will receive the six part video masterclass which contains live demonstrations, and shows you the one simple stretch you can use every morning before 10 o’clock that will realign your spine and instantly eliminate the pain.

In addition, you’ll discover the ‘back pain extinguisher’, which is an extra technique available to you at any time you have any pain. This will relieve the pressure on your spinal nerve straight away. Not only that, you’ll learn of the ‘sciatic soother’. It’s a 30 second simple movement which provides long-lasting relief from sciatic pain. If you are suffering from sciatica, this movement will soon become your real pal!

The program contains everything you need to realign your spine, release your tight muscles, and ensure you are pain free.

It only lasts just over an hour, allowing you to get started and treat your painful back straight away via the internet, or you can download the instructions and treat yourself at any time.

You get instant access as soon as you purchase the Back Pain Breakthrough, and you can get started with the program immediately. Within a few moments from this very second if you take up this offer.

The program also includes a special bonus e-book. It is a manual all about targeted spinal release containing all the same information to be seen in the video masterclass, plus a number of strategies to become pain free faster.

The manual demonstrates one extra stretch you can use each morning to stop the pain dead in its tracks, and make you feel ten years younger. It shows the number 1 technique to extend your spine before you fall asleep. So you can fall asleep in seconds.

There is also a bracing strategy which you can use when changing positions. Going from sitting to standing, getting out of bed in the morning, getting up, or doing the garden, and so on. So you can protect your spine from damage when undertaking any sudden movements.

There are also any number of photographs which you can look at every step of the way.

It must be obvious to you by now that this is the top quality back pain product available on the market anywhere today. Everything is explained in such a simple way, in layman’s terms, that you will immediately understand, with many recommendations of the highest quality, from actual patients who have already purchased and used the Back Pain Breakthrough. Read what they say about this great method.

And there is yet another bonus!

You will be given access to Dr. Young’s email hotline. It’s his personal email address, and if you have any questions or difficulty, Dr. Young will reply to you personally. It really is a wonderful bonus, which is 100% free when you sign up today.

This movement has been verified by top experts from Harvard, Stanford and Yale...
I eliminated my back pain naturally within three weeks

With the obvious difficulty Dr. Young will have when it comes to answering everybody’s questions, there is a limit to the number of people who can join the Back Pain Breakthrough. So 125 ‘spots’ have been reserved for anyone who is reading this right now. But you must join today to ensure you receive that email address. It’s very important, and it will help you no end.

So get your hands on the Back Pain Breakthrough today, and learn Dr. Young’s world famous Targeted Spine Release method. It’s only available on the website and is recommended by many health experts believing you should take this up straight away.

What does it cost?

It’s worth well over $497 dollars. But can you put a price on eradicating you pain? Dr. Young isn’t in this to make money. His aim is to help one million people eliminate their back pain for good. And since, for the majority of us, money is a bit tight at the moment, he has decided you won’t pay anywhere near $497.

You won’t even pay $397! Or $297! Or even $197!

Instead, you can get started today for just a single payment of $97. That’s right, for only $97, you will obtain the relief you’ve been searching for, perhaps for many years.

Now because you’ve been reading this article painstakingly through to the end, I want to offer you a special bonus, meaning you don’t have to pay $97 today.

Dr. Young is giving you a huge $60 off the very low retail price! So you can sign up today for only $37. That is a magnificent discount.

But you must sign up on their website by clicking on the link below in order to take advantage of this special discounted low price.

Don’t forget, the suggested recommended price is $497, but you can be pain free for a mere $37, which includes two bonus guides together with a 60 day money back guarantee!

So go ahead. Click the link below, and simply enjoy life without lower back pain.

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