Guardian III SOS Personal Alarm Watch

Not simply an SOS personal sturdy alarm wristwatch. It has many safety and security features, so I'll go through the list the wearer can take advantage of.

I must say I was somewhat skeptical when first starting a review about this Personal Alarm Watch. CPR have received many comments full of praise, but also quite a few adverse comments. I later learned the majority of negative comments referred to the Guardian's predecessor, the Guardian II, which was smaller, and obviously with a smaller display. The Guardian III is an ideal must-have for elderly parents, those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, anyone suffering from short term memory loss, heart disease, women who go out on their own, teenagers, those suffering from epileptic fits. Or simply for husbands and wives or partners to give peace of mind.

The watch allows users to SOS family and friends in an emergency. Not only that, your family, friends, or care providers will receive your GPS location, pulse rate, body temperature, pedometer data by using the innovative CPR mobile app.

The pre-installed CPR Chameleon SIM card provides unparalleled coverage when accessing major UK and EU networks, because you can switch between networks to find the best available signal, thus ensuring you stay connected when you need it most.

The functions of the Guardian II SOS Personal Alarm Watch include:


The Guardian III has been designed with an automatic movement device which includes a fall detection innovative sensor which automatically signals an alert. The watch will confirm an alert is in operation by asking the user if he or she is OK, and will vibrate at the same time. If the person doesn't have a physical problem, then 'NO' should be pressed on the watch screen.


In an emergency, the user can use the speaker to communicate with up to five designated contacts by pressing the red emergency button of the integrated mobile phone. The user's GPS whereabouts will also be sent to the mobile phone monitoring APP.


Smart indoor or outdoor location tracking means family members or contacts can trace the wearer in the event of an emergency. Using the built-in CPR monitoring mobile app, contacts can be notified every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone. GEO zones don't prohibit movement, but do trigger warnings that inform users of potential risks.


The Guardian III has a pre-installed CPR Chameleon SIM card, meaning the mobile coverage is available at all times, whether you be in the UK or in Europe. The technology simply switches networks based on the best available signal, wherever you may be. It is the manufacturer's own SIM network that provides unrivalled connectivity.


The Guardian III measures both the environment and body temperature directly from the mobile app.


Every 10 minutes, the wearer's pulse rate is scanned, and the resulting information is sent automatically to the CPR monitoring app. Should the pulse drop below 30 BPM, Guardian III will send a cautionary message to the CPR monitoring APP.


Many people fall in the shower or bathroom, but the Guardian III is waterproof and is a great comfort to many carers as a result.


This is the boast of the manufacturers, CPR Global Tech Ltd. However, many have found this not to be so and even have to charge the watch on a daily basis. Personally, I have never experienced a 120-hour charge with my own Guardian III.

So much for the description and functions, but just how does the Guardian III work?

  • It contains a movement sensor keeping constant track on the movements of the wearer.

  • If the Guardian III sensor detects a fall, it will ask the wearer via the screen if they are OK. If 'NO' is pressed, or if there is no response to the indication, the watch automatically communicates with up to five contacts. The watch has been programmed in advance to send SMS and APP notifications, and then voice calls until a response is received.

  • A GPS location will then be directly to the carer's mobile phone APP. You will find, as I have, that the GPS location is approximate, say within 100 meters of the wearer! Nevertheless, very useful.

  • Thus, in the case of a real emergency, both family and other contacts will be available to render assistance.

  • It is possible to constantly monitor the whereabouts of the wearer by using the 'CPR Monitoring' mobile APP for Android and iOS.

  • It is also possible to contact and converse with the wearer in real-time by phone.

How efficient is the after sales service?

This I can highly recommend. CPR Global's back-up team can be contacted by phone, email, or live chat. They are excellent, and will resolve any problem, difficulty, or questions you may ask. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and polite. Worthy of five stars!

Assistance will be readily provided to set up your new Guardian III. On receipt of the watch, you can call CPR Global support. They will set up both the watch and the APP.

The Guardian III Medical Alert Smartwatch PRO represents the next generation of protection in emergency situations. It includes an integrated GPS, SOS emergency assistance, heart rate monitor which checks every ten minutes, telephone, and the ultra-sensitive touch screen. It keeps elderly people and disadvantaged groups safe, independent and active, while at the same time giving you and your loved ones confidence and peace of mind.

They know that as long as they need you, you will be by their side.

Simply by pressing the red SOS button, the user can immediately call the preset contacts until somebody answers. The user can also make and receive phone calls and voice messages.

The price? Great value at £199.

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