How Not To Be Aggressed When Walking Alone

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The basics of self-defense begin here. Without these basic cognitive skills and some preparation, the chances of effectively defending yourself diminish rapidly.

You can minimize your exposure to assault in public places by following these basic principles.

The "secret" that all criminals and those looking for trouble on our streets know is that if they act first, they will win. Practically all self-defense or martial arts practitioners simply don't understand and implement this basic principle. It would appear from the worries and remarks they usually make they just refuse to understand this. In order to survive and win, you must take the first step. If you wait, you will lose every time.

What are the secrets to being a difficult target?



Self-defense is easy, although it does require practice, but you can do it right now!

Think about where you are going and get yourself ready psychologically before leaving the safety of home. How you are going to merge with your surroundings? Are you acting like a tough target? You should be looking like a predator, not prey.

Consciousness is your first line of self-defense. You must not let people get into the immediate physical space that surrounds you and get away with it. Wearing a personal a personal alarm watch is an excellent idea.

  • You have to be your own policeman or policewoman. That means you are always alert, 'on patrol', observing and inspecting the people around you.

  • You have to be your own bodyguard. That is to say you are going to protect yourself, help and defend others.

  • If anyone wants to attack you for any reason, they must get close to you. Therefore they must either walk up to you or you must approach them. In the case of someone suspicious, or even not suspicious, you must always ensure their is a space between you so you can't be touched or grabbed.

  • You must employ the golden rule criminals are afraid of. They don't want to be caught. They don't want to be identified. The're scared of being hurt or injured. If they have the opinion any of these three fears will come about, they will probably hesitate to choose you as their next victim, while asking themselves, "Is this person likely to have something I'm after, and is it too dangerous to make an attack"?

  • So you mustn't look weak. Here we go again. Are you predator or prey? How are you comporting yourself?

  • Compared to martial arts, self-defense is child's play, with no intricate moves or holds you are obliged to repeat over a period of weeks to master.

  • Self-defense is easy. Nevertheless, I'll repeat the basic message ad infinitum. In order to survive and win, you must make the first move. If you don't, you are sure to lose every time! As you learn self defense moves, you must practise them. When practising on a partner be especially careful not to hurt him or her. Your best choice would be to use an MMA practice dummy. It will sure get you fit.

  • There are usually a number of ways to solve problems to ensure your safety when walking alone, day or night. When on your own, there is always the risk of robbery, violence, rape, theft, and injury, especially at night. To give a couple of examples: leaving a restaurant and having to find your car, even walking from your car to your own front door in a quiet street. Think about it!

I'll now walk you through some of the 'Umpteen ways to avoid being aggressed when walking alone'. Make sure you study these tips to help keep yourself safe.

Act like a predator

Walk in a determined fashion and at a steady pace when away from home on your own. Keep your head up and don't hesitate to make eye contact with people who cross your path. Ensure you are visible by facing the oncoming traffic. If you are walking on the pavement at night, stay as close to the curb as you can. Criminals wait in dark alleys and doorways for the opportunity to attack. If you happen to lose yourself, make a bee line for a crowded street, pub, cafe, restaurant, police station, and ask directions to you final destination.

Keep your keys/key fob in your hand

When either going to your vehicle, front door or office, no matter how short the distance, not only can they be used as a self-defense weapon, but it will ensure you don't have to grope in pockets, purse or handbag. Carry a powerful torch to temporarily blind your attacker.

Are you being followed?

In figuring out if you are in danger, trust your instinct. Is anyone making you feel uncomfortable or suspicious? If yes, don't hesitate to move in another direction or just run away. Distance yourself from him as best you can. Only head for your car or home if they are very close and you can get there safely. Head for crowds, lights, a restaurant, pub, somewhere you can be safe. Do look behind you with a determined look and try to see his face to let him know you will attack in case of trouble. If you walk or jog on a regular basis, perhaps you have a dog, change your route and times as often as you can so any criminal cannot know where you are at any given time

Carry a spray, even if it's a small canister of hair spray, pepper sprays being illegal in the UK. If you do carry a pepper spray, no you're not likely to be stopped and searched, bear in mind it may be used against you. Women have been murdered when sprayed down their throat! Keep it held it in your hand. If the worst comes to the worst and you have to use it, waive it in a figure of eight movement to create a fog and distract any would be attacker. This will create a diversion. Shout 'FIRE' not 'HELP'. People hearing 'help' may not want to 'get involved'! There are plenty of cowards around!

You should pull the pin of your personal alarm and THROW IT AWAY! Your attacker will then either have to deal with the alarm or deal with you. If you don't throw it away, both you and the alarm are in the same space.

It's most unlikely you'll have the time or opportunity to use your mobile phone.

Attract attention to yourself

This will put any criminal on edge because he'll be afraid of being recognized, arrested, or injured. BEFORE ever being assaulted, attacked, gagged, or menaced with violence, you should scream at the top of your voice, wave your arms in the air, blow a whistle if you have one (super cheap investment), do whatever you can to attract attention to yourself.

Shout "Dad" or a man's name to trick the potential perpetrator into believing someone nearby can protect you.

At the same time, make sure he knows you have a weapon, and keep it in your hand while running away. On occasions, the mere fact you shout that you have a weapon will deter the would be attacker.

If you see the criminal intent of the person trying to get into 'your space', make the first move! It's legal, even in the UK. Don't use your fists, they damage easily, which is why boxers tape them before putting gloves on. Use the base of your palm, you'll be using one of the strongest bones in the body. Go for the philtrum (just under the nose) or under the chin. Your fingers are then free to poke the attacker's eyes out. The pain will wipe him out!

Use the fleshy part of the side of your hand to hit either side of his neck. This can kill!

And keep screaming!

Other weapons to use are your elbows, knees, or feet. Don't try a head butt, you can injure yourself.

The main parts of the body to go for are the eyes, the philtrum, the carotid artery in the neck, the back of the neck, the genitals, the inside of the knee, the base of the calf muscles. To attack the genitals kick vertically, and when grabbing, be vicious and 'PULL IT OFF'!

And don't forget to stamp on his feet with your stiletto heels!

Having said that, BEWARE, if you injure anyone you could be arrested. Rather than fighting, your best choice is AVOID AND ESCAPE.

Try to walk in well-lit densely populated areas

Don't take shortcuts through unlit isolated streets or paths, and keep yourself visible in well-lit streets if possible. Dark and quiet shortcuts are not worth risking your precious personal safety. When going out alone, avoid parked cars, dark alleys and car parks. As usual, walk with confidence and assertiveness, stand erect, and act like a predator.

If possible, travel with your friends, because there is safety in numbers and the chances of becoming the victim of an attacker are much lower.

Walking alone at night makes you particularly vulnerable to attack and easy prey for criminals. If you can, take a taxi to your destination, or even ride a bike.

Now here's a trick

A potential thief demands your wallet or purse. Don't argue with him, just have a small note or two folded up in a pocket. Throw your money at the thief, making sure he sees it, or just tell him, "That's all I've got", and run. If it's your money he's after, the chances are he will stop to pick it up, thus giving you the opportunity to escape while retaining your purse, handbag, or wallet.

You should not carry any valuables, or at the very least have any valuables on display while walking - mobile phone, camera, wallet, purse, necklace, etc. - Keep it all out of sight. And on the subject of smartphones, you are aware they are a magnet for thieves. DO NOT phone, text, play games, search the internet, watch films on YouTube in public, even on tubes and buses, because sooner or later, you will be saying goodbye to the love of your life! If using your phone is essential, go to somewhere safe before getting it out.

If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation

If you drink to excess, or take even relatively 'harmless' drugs, your judgement will be impaired, and if attacked, your ability to defend yourself will diminish. If you are having a drink, make sure you don't leave it on the table while visiting the restroom. If your drink was left on the table when you were absent, make sure you order a fresh drink when you return. Avoid accepting drinks from men you don't know, they may be date rapists and have spiked your drink. The drug will affect how you act and may simply have been used prior to a sexual assault. When attending a party, don't accept a drink from a shared bowl of punch.

If you happen to accept a drink from a stranger, make sure you can oversee the bartender when he prepares it.

Always put your own comfort and safety first.

If someone is pressuring you into something you feel uncomfortable doing, or is risky or dangerous, make a rapid excuse to say no.

If the person's intentions were straight and above board, you will certainly not be offending him. Your own security must come first.

You most certainly say no if someone you've only just met at a party suggests taking you home, or spending some time at their place.

This is not like a Hollywood movie,

where there's always a parking space, you leave your vehicle unlocked, not forgetting to leave your front door unlocked too. Yes, plus all the windows should be unlatched so any Tom, Dick or Harry can climb into your private home!

Lock your vehicle both when you get in and immediately after you get out. Have your keys or key fob at the ready when approaching it so you're not caught off guard and don't have to search or fumble for your keys. I say again, "Just like in the movies"!

In addition, always plan your route when visiting a friend, or going to a shopping center. Endeavor to drive close to a hospital or police station. This will give you some reassurance when you drive back home, particularly if there is possibility you are being followed.

What to do if attacked or molested in any way

You should always make a complaint to the police! Why?

It's important to report any attack to the police because by doing so, you may well help save someone else from being assaulted, or even save a life. Try to remember what your attacker looked like.

What was he wearing?

What was his skin color?

What were his physical characteristics, endomorphs have bodies that are always rounded and soft, mesomorphs are always square and muscular, and ectomorphs are always thin and fine-boned?

Was he fat?

How was he dressed?

Did he have a particular odor?

Was he using perfume?

What color were his eyes or hair?

Your responses should enable the police to make a comparison with other complaints received in the same area. The person may be known to the police from DNA samples. He may have a criminal record. The police now have vast resources at their disposal, so please do report any offence to them.


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