Protect Yourself & Family In One Hour With The Family Self-Defense Online Course

Updated: Feb 6

When the need to protect oneself and one's family arises, if you haven't yet taken the time to learn at least some self-defense techniques, you'll likely freeze on the spot if attacked.

Maybe you're one of those who thinks, "It won't happen to me." "No one is going to break into my house!" "I'm never going to be attacked just walking from my car to the front door!" According to the Family Self-Defense online program, the likelihood is that it could and possibly will occur. Could it be that you're in your 40s or 50s, a busy person who doesn't have time to attend Martial Arts classes to learn moves that can take thousands of repetitions, if not years, to perfect? Could it be that a program like the Family Self-Defense online program will provide me with enough knowledge and ability to protect myself and my family in an emergency in just one hour? Yes, you can, according to my own considerable self-defense expertise and competence. I bought the course and watched and practiced the video instructions.


The Family Self-Defense Program is available for purchase online and is marketed as the solution to being able to defend yourself against any attacker, regardless of size or strength, and even multiple attackers, including those armed with guns or knives. This basic course demonstrates self-defense techniques that will give you insight into where your attacker or attackers are most vulnerable. I'm already aware that these simple strikes, holds, and locks are effective. No, they will not require thousands of hours of study. You'll finish the course in 60 minutes, but keep in mind you'll need to repeat and practice every move, preferably with a partner. If you don't have a partner, you can use a freestanding torso boxing punch bag target, which is common in kickboxing, martial arts, and MMA training.

The creator of this online product claims you will be able to successfully repel any attacks by a potential attacker or attackers and 'take them down' in seconds. Simple moves and strikes that are easy to learn can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, size, or physical ability, and do not require brute force to execute. Of course, as previously stated, they must be practiced, preferably with a like-minded partner, in order to develop muscle memory and automatic reactions.

The word "Family" in the title focuses the mind and makes us all think about our loved ones. The vast majority of us are very protective of our families, and if there is something out there that could potentially increase their safety, we are all for it. The promotional material focuses on all of the objections the average person would have to learning self-defense. Arguments such as “I'm too old,” “it takes too long,” “I'm too fragile,” “it's too expensive,” and “I don't have time.” If you are convinced all of these arguments have been adequately addressed, you may want to give this program a try.

You can watch the video sales pitch or read the text from Frank Bell, the author of the Family Self-Defense program, who created the course after his entire family was attacked and injured in his own home while they were sleeping in bed. On the actual self-defense course video, I assumed it was not his voice. I couldn't find him anywhere on the Internet either. Having said that, if we accept the attack on Frank's family as true, or even if we don't, the techniques taught in the course are all technically correct and effective in a self-defense situation. Frank Bell promotes himself as a well-known self-defense instructor who works behind the scenes, training security personnel who protect celebrities and other high-profile clients who require real bodyguards. As a result, you should approach your newly acquired self-defense online product with an open mind and common sense.

The Price

It appears the marketers intended to charge $67 for this download-only product, but for a limited time they are offering it at $37, plus a further reduced price and a bonus for a mere $29—not an arm and a leg! You can take advantage of today's special bonus price, but it will only be available for a few weeks. You will also receive three bonus e-books to download or print in addition to your video course. (1) Invincible Mental Toughness; (2) Fitness-Simple Exercises and Stretches; and (3) 37 Things You Should Have in Your Home During A Crisis.


  • The moves and techniques you will learn are unquestionably effective, simple, and uncomplicated.

  • The demonstration video is straightforward and easy to follow, and the strikes and locks are well demonstrated and easily learned.

  • I must mention the low cost, which, if the course is effective, which it is, is not to be overlooked.


  • True, the course isn't long, and there don't appear to be any follow-up, more advanced courses.

  • Personally, I'd like to see more detail and explanation in the video.

  • The instructor is not Anglo Saxon, which causes very occasional difficulties in understanding, especially when he reverts to his own language, which appears to be Baltic or east European, while speaking to someone else. Could someone please let me know?

Recommendation from Me

When it comes to personal safety, there is nothing you can rely on to provide you with complete security. Someone even shot Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, President John F. Kennedy, and John Lennon; the list of highly protected people who have been injured or even murdered is long. Having said that, it is unquestionably in your best interests to arm yourself with as much knowledge and expertise as possible to assist you in dealing with any personal threat or threat to your family. The cost of the Family Self Defense program is reasonable, and the moves, strikes, locks, and tactics taught are correct and provide excellent value for the small investment of money and time. It's never a bad time to learn more about self-defense, especially for women, as it could save your life.

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