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I love singing, although professionally I've never sung solo, only as a backing singer, but wanted to improve. For an investment of only a few dollars in Singorama, I'm absolutely amazed and really excited about the improvements in my voice after only a few short weeks. My voice has developed and progressed beyond my wildest dreams with daily rehearsal of only 15 minutes to an hour a day.

If you want to increase your vocal range an octave or more, sing effortlessly with more power and artistry, improve your pitch, and even revolutionize your voice to a professional level, then Singorama is for you. Not only is it a simple, easily followed program, but more importantly for many, the price is right. With a stated value of $297, now reduced to $99, there's currently an even a lower special once only payment offer which I'll tell you about later. So please hurry!


Ideal from absolute beginners to professionals, the program is straightforward and easy to understand for everyone.

The audio lessons and training instructions are with mp3 recordings of the highest-quality.

Comprehensive, wide-ranging, easy to follow instructions.

Covers every critical facet of singing from the basics to stage performance and beyond.

Many bonus modules with software, tools, and e-books.

The program also includes recording-studio software that will allow you to record your songs and monitor your progress.

Very affordable price and an excellent alternative to paying for private lessons.

Contains everything you need in order to improve your voice and sing correctly.

A free mini singing course is available prior to commit yourself.

Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Singorama can be a little mind-boggling at first. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed, and it may deter some. Requires initial concentration and discipline to really get stuck into it and make rapid progress.

Rather female student oriented.

Beginners may find it difficult to start with and they should adhere to a rigorous timetable.

More advanced singers may find the course too elemental and simple.

Is Singorama for you?

Maybe you sang in the local choir as a youngster, but of course your voice has changed now. You feel inadequate, not having sung in public for such a long time. Do you dream of singing on stage to an adulating audience, feeling that rush of excitement at the applause and cheering of thousands of people, the autograph seekers waiting at the stage door? Do you have the perseverance and determination to become a multi-millionaire like Whitney Houston, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Adele? The list is endless…

But you say, “I don’t even sing in tune.” Never fear, even for absolute beginners, Singorama is for you, whether you be a total beginner or semi-pro. Believe me; you will be awe-struck by the incredibly rapid progress and improvements in your vocal quality. Singorama, with a once only small payment, unlike other online courses which charge a hefty monthly fee, is all you need to enhance your voice beyond your wildest dreams.


There are of course any number of other online singing courses available on the Internet and prices vary from one off payments for the entire course, price per lesson, to monthly fees.

Roger Love Singing Academy. Relatively expensive at $497; offers 4 free video lessons; strange that the full course costs more than the two other courses combined. I have not personally tested the course, only the 4 free video lessons which are excellent.

30 Day Singer. Impossible to find the cost of this course unless you sign up for a free 14 day trial and no doubt receive emails by the score until you capitulate! I must say I am a bit fed up with sites that insist on knowing your details before you can find out about the firm itself and how much you are letting yourself in for. I didn’t bother!

Christine Aguilera Masterclass consists of 23 lessons totalling approximately 3.5 hours. I did not purchase the course, but the impression I have is that the course is targeted at from intermediate to advanced and professional singers. It demonstrates how she hits the relatively high notes and how to sing with feeling plus a bit of stage craft rather than the basic techniques of singing. The website shows “Access to all classes for 2 passes for £170 (50% off)”. I’m not sure of the meaning of “for 2 passes”. Is it the possibility of only using the course twice? Nor am I sure of “£170 (50% off)”. Does it mean 50% off the £170, or is the £170 a reduction of 50% off £340?

There are many other online courses that I’ve briefly ‘scanned’, but of all I’ve looked at or tried, I would say Singorama is the best, for value for money, learning the real techniques every singer should be able to perform, simplicity, and user friendliness.

Here’s a way to make up for time you have missed; smashing your vocal barriers…

Singorama will guide you and condition your voice correctly, teaching you how you can only then comprehend the most important aspects of singing:

You will be able to sing with intensity.

Your voice will resound with power and precision.

Your polished tone will have a pulsating vibrato.

Your vocal range will have increased by even an extra octave.

Those high notes will no longer present a problem. In fact they’ll become child’s play.

You too can gain that extra octave your voice needs.

All you have to do is take the trouble to set aside as little as 15 minutes a day anytime and anywhere.

You will be astonished at the improvements you can achieve in less than a week!

You’re not just receiving Singorama 2.0 today…

Firstly, you will be receiving true revolutionary technology… and it’s called:

Perfect Your Pitch Pro

Pitch Pro is designed to help you advance your singing and musical talent far ahead of the competition. You can use this technology to almost tune your ear and voice to pitch perfection. You’ll be able to hit the right notes and sing precisely each and every time.

‘Perfect Your Pitch Pro’ was conceived to train the ear to hear all 36 notes of a three octave chromatic scale. As you become used to knowing the difference between notes, you’ll correct yourself with ease while you rehearse pitch, and as a result, completely enhance your vocalization in the blink of an eye.

The value of the software is $97 and will transform you voice!

The second cutting-edge tool you’ll receive today for free is the NEW and improved:

Singorama mini-recording studio.

This is software is designed to allow you to record, listen, appraise and map your development as you progress to the professional standard you deserve. The virtual keyboard is an outstanding tool for studying and identifying the shortcomings on which you need to concentrate.

This impressive software has a value of $97 and is exclusive to you as a Singorama members.

You will also receive:

The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music, which is valued at $47. As a singer, it is a necessity that you also read music. This easy to understand in depth guide will increase your understanding of music in leaps and bounds,

How to read music

Now it should be glaringly obvious why the retail value of Singorama 2.0 is $297 and that’s excluding all those extra fabulous tools.

Add in the tools with a joint value of $241, and you reach a grand total of $538 for Singorama 2.0.

Singorama is ready to make this decision a piece of cake for you today, because they absolutely won’t allow your ability to pay prevent you from taking advantage of these must have singing lessons and valuable extras!

You can acquire and download the entire Singorama system with all the bonuses currently on offer, quickly, efficiently, and at a price anyone can afford.

You can then easily copy it onto your phone, tablet, or iCloud, and by doing that, learn and practice whenever and wherever you wish! Don’t forget, even as little as 15 minutes a day is all you need to make great strides in your vocal capacity.

No, no, no, Singorama, including every bonus, won’t cost you anything like $538!

Cut that price in half at $269… and you’re STILL not close!

As ridiculous as it sounds, you won’t even pay $120 today!

It’s always pleasing to know your own points of view and I would be genuinely delighted if you will let me have your own thoughts and assessment of the Singorama singing lessons.

If you would like me to produce a demo disk for you, I invite you to my own recording studio in my house and will personally produce your disk FREE OF CHARGE. Believe me, my work is highly professional and you will not be disappointed. If you would like me to send you a sample, I would be delighted to hear from you and will do so with pleasure.

Unfortunately, I can’t bring the studio to you, so you’ll have to make the journey to visit me. And where do I live? In the extreme south of France close to the Spanish frontier, the nearest airport being Perpignan.

This special free bonus offer is open to anyone who purchases Singorama 2.

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