The Real Life Self-Defense Training System Is Excellent

Updated: Feb 16

Welcome to my evaluation of the Real Life Self-Defense System, a low-cost online self-defense course accessible right now.

The Real Life Self-Defense System is a self-defense training curriculum that is grounded in reality. What does this entail? To be sure, the clue is in the title!

Unlike martial arts, which is a sport that takes years to learn, reality-based self-defense techniques are based on real-world circumstances that affect everyone today.

Self-defense in the real world is not a sport, and it is not about building self-esteem or obtaining a black belt. Self-defense in reality is about knowing what to do if confronted by an attacker on the street or within your home. Unlike the Martial Arts, there are no rules and no restrictions.

Would you know what to do if an intruder faced you in your home while your family was sleeping upstairs? Would you know how to disarm a mugger if he drew a knife on you on the street? Even if you own a firearm, are you certain you'll always have it on hand?

You are not alone if you are unsure how to defend yourself and your family in these terrible situations. Many people have limited or no knowledge about how to deal with potentially risky circumstances such as these.

If you are attacked, that lack of basic understanding is your worst adversary. If you have not prepared for physical threats against you and your family, you will have limited options if challenged by an aggressor.

The Real Life Self-Defense Training System teaches you the basic moves, tactics, and mental fortitude necessary to defend yourself effectively. You don't have to be super-fit or young to learn, and proficiency takes hours, not years.

Therefore, who is the author of the Real Life Self Defense system? Mike Gillette, a tactical and terror management expert, has educated more elite agents and individuals on how to cope with violent circumstances than anybody else on the planet. Mike embodies ruggedness. Mike is authentic, is widely available on the internet, and is also a speaker, author, innovator, and peak-performance coach.

Mike's curriculum vitae contains the following:

  • Tactical trainer in high demand by elite federal agencies including the FBI, DEA, DHS, and TSA.

  • A paratrooper of the army

  • A SWAT officer

  • A member of the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts Masters

  • A consultant to the Department of Homeland Security on counter-terrorism issues.

  • He holds over 25 distinct designations as a use-of-force and weapons systems teacher.

  • A bodyguard for Fortune 500 executives and Hollywood celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone.

  • Mike is untouchable in violent situations, and this is not an exaggeration.

Mike's most significant and valued asset is without a doubt his capacity to educate. Simply said, no one else on the planet is capable of teaching nearly anyone how to develop the mental fortitude and physical strength necessary to overcome any attacker or attackers in record time.

What you will discover

The Real Life Self-Defense Training System is comprised of three primary components, each of which includes a collection of self-defense training films. Additionally, two bonus training videos are included. The numerous self-defense skills are demonstrated utilizing real-world settings and ordinary individuals as students.

The instructional videos feature real students, which makes it exceedingly easy to follow the various actions and approaches. And it demonstrates that anyone, regardless of age or physical health, can learn how to apply the Real Life Self-Defense techniques.

Here is a summary of what you will learn from the Real Life Self Defense Training System, which begins with a series of instructional videos in which you will learn how to cope with a range of physical confrontational situations. What's interesting about this self-defense training program is that some of the common-sense advice you'll hear may surprise you at first. However, you will quickly recognize the logic.

You will learn the following in the program's initial series of videos:

  • Why certain self-defense movies may jeopardize your safety.

  • Why is self-defense necessary for survival and egress?

  • How to use the 'Vegas' strategy to turn the tables on an assailant.

  • How to fall correctly and fast regain your feet.

  • The most frequently utilized attack technique by attackers and how to counter it.

  • How to take a position and mobilize others to action in response to a variety of threats.

  • Two streetwise strategies for dealing with any type of attacker.

  • How to inflict maximum pain on an assailant.

The Real Life Self-Defense Training System's second series of training films teaches you how to utilize your body as a weapon. The many sections in this area of the content highlight why kicking and punching are frequently not the ideal self-defense tactics, and also present safer and more effective alternatives.

The following is a synopsis of the Natural Weapons of the Body training video series.

  • How to shift an attacker's focus away from you and toward them.

  • Two lethal moves that utilize a region of your body that is capable of stopping any assailant in his tracks.

  • Why punching may cause you more harm than your adversary, and what your options are.

  • The Hard-Soft Rule, which enables you to incapacitate an adversary with only your bare hands.

  • Four interchangeable open-handed strikes.

  • How to efficiently employ the Hammer Strike.

  • The proper technique for using your elbow as a natural dagger.

  • Why kicking should be reserved for highly skilled martial artists.

  • The unbeatable move.

  • The proper technique for executing a disabling knee strike. This does require a high degree of precision.

Taking Control of the Subject

The third section of the Real Life Self-Defense System's main training focuses on reacting to a situation, regaining control, and executing take downs that cripple an adversary. Additionally, you will learn how to defend yourself against being choked from behind and pinned to the ground.

  • How to perfect the 'tactics of take down'.

  • The most effective method of resolving a situation.

  • Leverage is used to weaken an attacker's resolve.

  • How to exploit an opponent's strength to your advantage.

  • How to engineer an end to a crisis quickly.

  • Two hand moves that will incapacitate an attacker who is adamant about continuing.

  • How technique always triumphs over muscle.

Along with the course's three primary components, you'll receive two bonus self-defense training videos, the first of which teaches you how to defend against a knife assault.

Knives are a threat.

  • The fundamental distinction between a knife threat and a knife attack, as well as how to respond appropriately in each situation.

  • The three-step procedure for defending against a knife assault.

  • How to defend yourself against a knife attack from behind.

  • The five defense strategies that should be employed sequentially in the event of a knife-related incident.

  • The four most typical knife attacks and how to defend yourself.

Rape Evasion

The second complimentary gift that comes with the genuine Real Life Self-Defense system is a brutal training video that demonstrates how to defeat a rapist. This section of the training will teach you some simple movements that will empower you to fight back against this heinous crime:

  • How to maintain a powerful posture to avoid being pushed to the ground.

  • Three strong-arm strategies that will make an attacker rethink their assault attempt.

  • How to use your bite to your advantage in a fight.

  • The seven vulnerable points you must be aware of in order to incapacitate a would-be rapist.

  • The proper technique for using your fingers as stabbing weapons.

  • How to reclaim your composure if an attacker knocks you to the ground.

Final observations on the Real Life Self-Defense training course

Today, there are a plethora of so-called self-defense systems available via the Internet. I've studied other systems in-depth, and after researching the Real Life Self-Defense system, this is one of the very few I can suggest.

I enjoy the Real Life Self Defense Training System because it is basic, simple to learn, and founded on sound facts and an obvious depth of expertise about the subject.

Self-defense tactics are well described in this curriculum, and actual pupils perform the moves. Every step is thoroughly demonstrated and not over-hyped.

Additionally, I appreciate how this training debunks certain self-defense myths and fallacies. You will not attempt challenging kicks or throws that are difficult to learn, involve hours of practice, and are not only a waste of time and effort, but can also increase the risk of injury. You will learn only the most effective self-defense methods that anyone can do in a split second.

At the time of writing, the Real Life Self-Defense System is available for less than $40 when purchased with the supplementary material. Additionally, a sixty-day money-back guarantee is included. As I previously stated, certain self-defense training programs would cost you much more than twenty-five times $40. Work  that one out! Thus, the Real Life Self-Defense training method represents exceptional value for money, while also providing significant benefits to your confidence and ability to defend yourself.

If you're looking for a self-defense training system that lives up to its name and claims, the Real Life Self-Defense System may be right for you. The Real Life Self-Defense system is a thorough, instantly accessible course that ranks among the greatest true to life self-defense programs I've examined.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this evaluation of the Real Life Self-Defense System. I hope this information assists you in determining the finest self-defense training for you.

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I appreciate your interest in Mike Adams Reviews. Have a wonderful day and remember to stay vigilant, to ensure your safety, and to train conscientiously!

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