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Zotrim - Scientifically Proven to Lose Weight Fast

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We all weigh 25 - 30 lbs more than we did 25 years ago!

You should learn about energy balance. Energy sustains life and organ function. Eating and drinking gives us energy. Movement—from breathing to running—uses up that energy. To maintain weight, we must consume the same amount of energy as we use through normal body activities and physical exercise. A healthy diet balances energy intake and usage. Physical activity uses more energy. Don't worry about overeating one day. On subsequent days, consume less energy. In other words “If you eat it, you’d better burn it, or you’ll store it”!

You’ve been told ad infinitum to eat vegetables, fruit, and sources of protein such as fish, especially salmon and sardines, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and lean white meat such as chicken or turkey. Fruit, as opposed to sugary desserts, are the preferred sweet or pudding options.

Are you drinking Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or other similar sugary drinks?

I'm told Coke contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulant and also a diuretic, the latter making you 'take a leak'. Salt in colas and sodas; in some, as much as 71 mg per can, which is as much as is contained in a slice of pizza!

What happens if you input sodium and lose water? It makes you thirsty!

So why is there so much sugar in Coke? To suppress the taste of the salt!

I could continue on the subject, but won’t. I’ll make obesity the subject of another blog post soon. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Zotrim. Zotrim is well-established, clinically proven appetite suppressant which will help you lose weight by controlling your craving for food by making you feel full. No doubt you have already heard of it, since it has been sold by many retail giants for the past 16 years with great success. However, Zotrim is now only available online on the Zotrim website. Hence this blog post.

I know losing weight is a tough hill to climb, requiring a lot of will-power and dietary effort. There are any number of dietary supplements on the market, some of which work well, although some clinical testing has been short-lived and has not delved deep enough into the subject. How can you possibly undertake clinical tests over say an eight week period using a limited number of volunteers? No real proof can be envisaged.

To lose weight without a struggle, get Zotrim!

Having said that, the qualities of Zotrim are backed by five clinical trials and over ten professionally endorsed scientific publications, making Zotrim the most researched and proven weight loss product on the market today.

In comparison trials, when it came to weight loss, even without exercise, Zotrim, together with a calorie controlled diet, out-performed three major prescription drugs. It suppresses your appetite, thus putting a stop to snacking between meals and controlling your calorie intake. And it works fast!

Although you will lose weight just by taking Zotrim without exercise or dieting, to achieve your goal more rapidly, you should really undertake regular exercise, because tests on those who take Zotrim an hour prior to exercising, burned 24% more calories, thus reducing more body fat. In fact, published medical evidence confirms Zotrim to be the finest, most effective weight loss product on the market today! And it works, even if you don't exercise or diet!

Weight loss results are assured with the Zotrim 100 day money back guarantee which applies, with the exception of the 30 day supply pack, to all unopened boxes. The cost of the product will be refunded in full

What ingredients are in Zotrim?

The ingredients in Zotrim are pure, plant based, the combination of which result in achieving extraordinary weight loss. Zotrim contains extracts from three plants found in Mexico, South America, and the West Indies, namely Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana. It also includes vitamins B3 and B6.

Yerba Mate leaf extract will break down molecules to obtain energy and will certainly give you more desire to work-out. You'll burn more calories than usual, and won't feel hungry after exercise.

Guarana seed extract contains more caffeine than coffee, again increasing your metabolism and giving you greater energy when exercising. The faster your metabolism will ensure you burn more calories

Damiana leaf extract Is a shrub native to Southwest Texas in the U.S. and Central America, South America, and Mexico has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac. The leaves have traditionally been made into a tea and incense, which was used by native people of Central and South America for its relaxing effects.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant most commonly found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. It works by stimulating the brain and central nervous system, helping you stay alert and prevent the onset of tiredness. This intensifies your weight loss program by make you physically more active and alert, with less of a struggle.

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, helps the body release energy from food and keep the nervous system and skin healthy, thus reducing any feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

When taking Zotrim in the prescribed dosage, in tests, no side effects were encountered.


  • Potent, verified prescription rapidly reduces your appetite and curbs snacking Convenient, discreet and ideal for on-the-go hunger control and craving management

  • Safe, effective, plant-based ingredients extensively researched and backed by science

  • Trusted and chosen by thousands of slimmers worldwide for nearly twenty years

  • Real, lasting weight loss means you can finally lose weight and keep it off for good

  • Zotrim increases your metabolism and helps you become more dynamic.

  • The combination of three energy boosting plant extracts make you feel satisfied even after eating less food than normal.

  • The increase in energy level and alertness after taking Zotrim will encourage you to exercise more intensely.

  • Exercise will increase your energy level even further as well as improving your sleep.

  • Zotrim performs its weight loss objective even without exercising or dieting.

  • No side effects! Tests prove that Zotrim, while following the same nutritional therapy, surpassed the effect prescription drugs, and in complete safety.

  • It has been proved you will lose weight when taking Zotrim, even without dieting or exercising.

  • Zotrim makes you feel chock-full for ages, thus avoiding the desire to snack between meals.


  • Certainly not the least expensive weight loss product on the market.

  • Not suitable for those under 18 years old.

  • Should not be taken by pregnant mothers.

  • No longer available in health stores, only online at the Zotrim website.

In conclusion:

If you're looking to lose a pound in weight every week, Zotrim is for you, even without exercise or dieting. Regular exercise, including walking are certainly recommended. Exercise will help Zotrim and also lower the risk of some diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Exercise can also help maintain your body at a healthy weight, as well as ageing well. If you don't have time or don't want to go to a gym, I recommend you use the Leslie Sansone 'Walk at Home' fitness program. It's the #1 indoor walking fitness program which will get you fit without straining, all in the comfort of your own home. Just go to YouTube and give it a try. There are many alternative routines with different degrees of difficulty to choose from.

You can take Zotrim permanently or stop once you have reached your weight goal. The recommended dosage is 2 - 3 tables with a glass of water before meals with a maximum of 9 tablets in any one day. And for increased results use smaller plates with every meal.

To the best of my knowledge, and according to the manufacturers of Zotrim, the product has no side effects. However, if you are on medication, it may be sensible to pay your health care provider a visit and ask his or her opinion. In the unlikely event your doctor hasn't heard of Zotrim, refer him to their website. The same applies if you are diabetic or allergic to caffeine.

Rest assured, Zotrim does everything it says on the box and on the Zotrim website. Many have experienced great weight loss results.

If it’s weight you want to lose, you can GO FOR IT in complete confidence - SO GO FOR IT!

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